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Relationships, The Heart

Let’s Call Them “Heated Discussions”

It’s amazing how something a soft as sand or water can cut through something as hard as rock, but that’s exactly what happens over time. Slowly and subtly moving water can cut through a mountain and wind-blown sand can carve a valley. Relationships are very similar to this. If you’ve been married for a few years or more, you’ve had arguments or “heated discussions”… ok let’s be real… you’ve fought. And with each of the fights there is a residual substance that’s left behind. Many times we fight, make up and move on, but when the fight centers around a recurring issue people get tired, expectations get reset (for the worst) and the next time you have an argument it’s worse or compounded. Why? Because of the residue left behind.

You could point to it and call it unforgiveness, but I think it’s a lot more subtle than that.  What is it that you have argued about more than a couple of times? What topic immediately turns heated because it’s already smoldering from past arguments? See very clearly the damage and erosion this residue causes in your own heart the same way waters and sand destroy a mountain. Can you spot some residue? If so, acknowledge it and call on The Great Physician to wash your heart clean today.

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