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Good To Great Relationships

How was your last review at work? Isn’t it funny that we have job reviews at our workplace to tell us where we’re doing well and where we need improvement but we don’t do anything like this at home… usually until it’s too late and then we’re off to “counseling”. How are your relationships these days? More specifically, how are your family relationships? How are you doing as a husband or wife, father or mother? If you answered “Good” or “Alright” this is for you! Want to make your relationships great in 2011? Here’s how. About four years ago I ran across this questioner that allows you to have your spouse and or children give you feedback on how you are doing. Yeah it’s a little daunting I know. But just like in business if you are not asking the right questions and or if you are not getting good honest answers to those questions there’s no reason things are going to improve.

It’s called the Family 360 Performance Review and it’s similar to a job review but you give this short questionnaire to your spouse and or children to complete and from there you have an outline (from the people that matter) on what you’re doing well and what needs improvement.

It’s real easy. There are 13 statements like “Takes time to have personal conversations” and “Shares home chores fairly”. Then next to each statement there is a seven point rating scale from “Needs Significant Attention” to “Significant Strength”

The first time I did this I had my wife and three kids fill it out (separately) and on some statements like “Apologizes when he has done something wrong or has hurt others’ feelings” each one of them choose a different rating which was somewhat telling on how I interacted with them individually. On other statements however there were definite red flags that went up for me like the statement, “Is patient with family members” The four of them independently rated me with “Needs Some Attention” and “Almost Acceptable”. Hello!

Do you want your relationships to be great? Then you have to know where they need some work. This review makes that clear. The rest is up to you. Download or print the form here

PS Men, I sent this to your wives already so they will know whether you have the stuff it takes to proceed :0)

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