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Your Most Important Work

When does the most important part of your day start? At least five days a week you are spending the majority of your waking hours at work. During any given day there are tasks you perform that are routine, and others that can be stressful due to the importance associated with them, but I believe your most important work starts at the end of the day… when you pull the car into the driveway or garage and turn off the ignition. Typically, there’s a deep breath because your workday is finally done, and you can relax, right?! The truth is, your most important work is just about to begin.

It’s the time you will spend with your wife and children. It’s such a small amount of time compared to the time you spend at work, but the fruit of your efforts will far outweigh and outlive anything you do at your job. Think about it a minute… you spend eight to ten hours a day at work, and at best, you have about two hours of meaningful time with your family at night. If your honest, it’s real easy to spend those hours in the recliner, isn’t it? After all, you worked all day and you “earned” this time, didn’t you?

Why am I calling this time with your family “work”? Just to get you to think about it a bit differently… you see, work has purpose in it, we understand that. It is intentional and we do it for a desired outcome. The work you are doing at home is an investment. Is your investment growing or diminishing?

When you turn off your ignition today, take a deep breath and ask God for His help to do your best “work”.

3 Comments to “Your Most Important Work”

  1. He’s back! Great word!

  2. This is so true! I wish more Men (and working mothers too) really understood this!

  3. Great message Mike.

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