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I’m Michael Fuchs, owner of several businesses including dataBridge (SharePoint is all we do!). I live in Asheville, NC and I’m married to my best friend, Kirsten and have three awesome kids. I’m in love with Jesus and whether its my road bike or my Harley, I love to be on the road!

If you’re a man looking to start a new business, want to experience more freedom and margin in your existing business, or want to take your business to a place where it operates on systems, processes and the right people rather than it being dependent on you, then you’re in the right place.

We as men are very much alike. Although we come from different cultures and our backgrounds can be vastly different, we have all been made in God’s image. Our “wiring” as men is very much the same. Our passions, dreams and desires as men are remarkably similar. So too are our fears, struggles and failures.

We have been programmed for so long that as a man we are expected to have it all together. Provider, husband, leader, father… It’s part of being a man. And if we don’t have it all together… well, what does that say about us as a man? We better not let anyone find out. (Fake it ‘til you make it) and that’s where many of us get stuck. “Faking It”, and in the faking it we end up isolated and less than great providers, leaders, fathers and friends.

I have a mountain of ashes in my past. An exhaustive list of both business and personal failures, but since I invited Christ to be lord of my life, He has given me beauty for those ashes in every area of my life. My passion is to be a catalyst to men who want to live an abundant life, both professionally and personally.

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